Friday, August 24, 2012

Rider Spotlight_#1

Stefan Lantschner_
         Words By Drew Vandergriend

I've decided quite recently that I will be doing a "Rider Spotlight" every week, so basically i pick one rider that gets me brewing to ride and say a few things about them. Plain and simple. And The first rider id like to mention is Named Stefan Lantschner_

Stefan Hails from Italy and has mad steeze. He's 28 years old, rides for company's such as Nike 6.0 and Fly bikes and basically is one of my favorite riders to watch. Awesome park and street lines contribute too some awesome edits that have great film work and a good vibe_ 

Lantschner has been working on a Montana line with Fly Bikes That includes Bars and Frames, he put together a short bike check talking about the montana line and his current set-up_

Stefan Not only rides Bmx but Motox as well. He recently spent some time riding in is favorite city of Milan, Italy and put togethor an awesome Edit that not only blew me away but gave me the chance to see all the great spots in Milan and Stefan's razy Motox Skills_

I hope I see some more edits showcasing Stefan's Style and the Montana frame's becuase riders like Stefan Lantschner constantly remind me of how awesome Bmx really is_

LetMeGetThat_Bmx, why Dog?

       Words By Drew Vandergriend

So Basically every ACP, Alternative Creative Person. has a blog they spastically update once a year. But I didnt make this blog to post stoner art, or give you updates on my political thoughts. This blog is Purely a place for me to Rant about dumb people and post random Film work. This Blog will have things that are ridiculous, things that show no relevance at all, and things that frankly dont make any sense. But keep in mind that I am 20 Years old, live at my moms house and have crazy A.D.D, so time is of no importance.

You have problably already stopped reading this post and continued on updating your Facebook page so ill just keep going. I live in a Dark Northwest town called Bellingham, WA. Citizens of Bellingham get 2 months of summer if there lucky and the rest of the year is basically rain. But Dont get me wrong, its a Beautiful place were people live in lala land and get nothing done. Bellingham is the Last Semi-Big city before Canada and has easy access to Large city's Like Seattle and Vancouver B.C. which makes riding spots plentiful as long as its not pouring rain.

My Reason for Supplying you with this information is to show you the wonderland that is bellingham and to inform locals not to complain! even If if it does rain 364 days of the year!

Bellingham WA_

Bellingham has a Local Cement park and Dirt-jump set at our Civic Center Community park, as well a few street spots that are pretty low key. The skatepark is your best bet for Bmx riding Unless you know the local trail boss's, as well as knowing how to kiss ass. Here are a few Photo's I took in 2011 at are local park_ 


So If you like what you see so far, Rock on! if not, Thats alright! because there will be updated content daily anyway. Thanks for being on the computer_